Te Aitanga a Apanui
A Brief History.

Te Aitanga a Apanui are a hapu that belong at Oruaiti. The rohe of their lands comprise the Oruaiti Block which was investigated by the Native Land Court to determine ownership of the Oruaiti/Whangaparaoa No 3 Block in 1911.
Claimants to the Land were Manihera Waititi and Whaaka Parakau both claiming for Te Whanau a Kauaetangohia.
Counter claimants were Paratene Hiia and Parekoihu Te Kani, the latter being the spokesperson for the Pako whanau. In both these cases their claims were for Te Aitanga a Apanui.
Having heard all the evidence from both claimants and counter claimants, the Native Land Courts findings were that the only people that occupied or made any use of the land were the hapu of Te Aitanga a Apanui and awarded the land comprising 1850 acres accordingly.
In respect of the balance of the land comprising 15,043 acres, the Courts findings were that becauase of it's rugged nature, it probably did not belong to Te Whanau a Kauaetangohia nor Te Aitanga a Apanui as claimed, but more likely that it belonged to the people of the District and awarded it to the owners of the neighbouring blocks, namely, Waikura, Whangaparaoa No 2, Oruaiti, and Orete 2.
This decision was not challenged indicating that it must have been the right decision.